Best team ever? 

What do you think?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Bay Area cats will argue about their Warriors and how they would light them up from the 3 point line. Some will say the early 00’s Lakers. The argument can go on forever whether it is a thread on Twitter or a bunch of people in a barbershop. The only thing that can be said in this moment is that this team was dope as hell.

We’ve always wanted to do a Jordan piece. “The Last Dance” only lit that desire even more. Jordan has always been the GOAT. Everything about him is on another level. His swagger on and off the court back in the day was just so intriguing. It’s kind of weird because now his style is… never mind lets not talk about that. Let’s just appreciate him for what he has done for basketball and the culture. 

In order to design this piece, we linked up with our favorite artist, Joanne Nimes. Joanne hoops in the Philippines for Ateneo De Manila University. Not only is she a beast on the court, she’s a master at creating. We talked about Jordan and the Bulls. This is what we came up with. We called it Project “9596” for obvious reasons. We added in our subtle little details to give it our own CHP flavor. We revised our original version and she added the CHP towel as well as the coffee cup for Pip. Why coffee? Well, we love our caffeine which can be seen in most of our pieces. 

We could’ve done MJ alone, but nah. He wouldn’t have gotten to where he was at without teammates. No one in the NBA could have gotten anywhere without their peers. “The Last Dance” gave us insight on Jordan and how he treated his teammates. Yeah, sometimes it was bad. Sometimes it was funny. That’s why we decided to go with this team. One of the greatest teams ever. One of the greatest coaches ever. We hope you enjoy. 

Shoutout to everyone that helped make this happen. 


– KR